Silent Honour

Silent Honour


Описание книги Silent Honour. Terrified, begging to go home, she is ordered by her father to stay. In August 1941 Hiroko, eighteen years old and torn between her mothers belief in ancient traditions and her fathers passion for modern ideas, leaves Kyoto to come to America for an education. Danielle Steel portrays the human cost of that terrible time in history, as well as the remarkable courage of a people whose honour and dignity transcended the chaos that surrounded them. But on December 7 1941 Pearl Harbor is bombed by the Japanese, and within hours, war is declared. This extraordinary novel creates a portrait of human tragedy and strength, divided loyalties and love. But as the military is empowered to remove the Japanese from their communities, Hiroko and her Californian family end up in the detention centre, where they fight to stay alive amid the drama of life and death in the camp. To Hiroko, California is a different world - a world of barbecues, station wagons and college. Suddenly Hiroko has become an enemy in a foreign land. Her cousins in California have become more American than Japanese - and Hiroko also finds a link between her old and new worlds when she becomes friendly with Peter, her uncles university assistant.

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Самокат Книга, Нильсон У. Один на сцене, 0+

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